by Give Up the Goods

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    "Agents" Ep was recorded at Westfall Recording Co. NY
    Produced & Engineered by Anthony Lopardo & Ryan Taylor Hayes
    Mixed and Mastered by Ray Marte
    All Drums performed by Anthony Barone
    Guest vocals on "Simulation" by Anthony Copozzi
    Additional guitars by Johnny Sohl
    Violins by Danielle Demarco
    Artwork by Masticis Humanis

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released July 29, 2016

Produced & Engineered by Anthony Lopardo & Ryan Taylor Hayes
Mixed & Mastered by Ray Marte
All Music Written and performed by Give Up The Goods
All Drums Performed by Anthony Barone
Additional Guitars by Johnny Sohl
Guest Vocals on "Simulation" by Anthony Copozzi



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Give Up the Goods

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Track Name: Simulacra
Even as I write, this struggle to inspire originality is gone, and I’m left with empty thoughts holding onto myself. Letting go of this hell seems like some kind of sick fucking joke; on and on and on we go. I hope the snake likes how his tail tastes, so I can watch everything become swallowed whole. You are a slave.
Track Name: Coppertop
You think that’s air that you’re breathing? In your defense the scent is misleading, your overloaded senses competing for control of your head, and all its emptiness. A hollow human shell, it’s hard to tell if there’s anything even real within yourself. How the machines they feed on your electric dreams, oblivious to the fact you’re in the back seat eyes shut tight you’re fast and sound asleep. You don’t toss you don’t turn, I guess they don’t bother you. I know you don’t, what if you did though? Don’t tell me, it can’t be, who are you to pull the rug from underneath? I’m not so sure that I believe you, just go ahead and explain this to me now. I didn’t say it would be easy to swallow, but if escape is what you covet most then I suggest you follow me. Why would I listen to you? (You’ll see) Who do you think that you are? (You’ll see) I’m not anyone’s puppet (You’ll see). I really wish you would open up your empty mind, or save your energy for when you have nothing left, choking on your last breath, eyes roll back into your head, your heart can’t quite keep beating on. (This can’t be happening, let me out). Plant your feet grab ahold, keep your head take control. This is not the end, and so I will give you the option to choose; red or blue? You need to let it go because you’ll never know if you don’t follow me down the rabbit hole. Let me out. Find me waiting for you to breathe out (Where did you go? I’m on my own. I’ll follow throughout)
Track Name: Reloaded
A letter with your name words cannot replace all the guilt and the shame everything that’s led me here can it be true? I still regret the day I covered up your face oh for heaven’s sake I’m dying here, tell me Mary is it you? I swear I loved you, forgive my actions I acted under the ill advice of selfish desires, I’ll see you soon. Find me waiting in our favorite place (I’ll be there, I’m coming, I’m on my way). But I’m bringing all my demons babe, and in the end we know we won’t be saved. Save me, need me, keep me, love me, hold me. Don’t fucking touch me, my skin begins to crawl. He’s coming for me and bringing with him an endless army of my own nightmares. I swear I loved you. Happy endings need not apply here. I’m in water up to my neck and I fear swimming won’t do me any good at all. Hold your head out far enough for me to swing. I’ll be honest, I knew it wasn’t really you and I came here because I wanted to. I needed to be judged by a knife underneath my skin, and I couldn’t think of a better person to twist it. It’s hot as hell in here. For me it’s always like this.
Track Name: Trinity
Bring me home. Bring me down into the earth, for what it’s worth I would rather be in hell than on this ride. It’s what’s inside that can’t be fixed, and this carousel that I will never miss holding on. No longer asleep.
Track Name: Simulation
I find it funny how you, after everything we’ve been through still think that you know the truth. But what’s the truth? Distorted face and hands to match cover up the cover up, seems like you don’t want to watch it burn. Forever endeavor; caught in an endless loop. Forever and ever venturing further from the truth. Why would you feed from hands wrapped tightly around your neck, carry the weight of doubt atop your broken back? Your lungs collapse, your heart explodes, we watch the emptiness unfold. And I’d give it all I’d give it up to watch you drink from reason’s cup. So drink it up. I get it now, but I have my doubts. My reality has been bent I hear it clear and loud. If the end is now, and then comes back around you can find me floating, fading outwards. Are you ready for the end? If not I wouldn’t worry too much about it, it’s only temporary. Find yourself on the edge staring into the abyss, where it starts, where it ends I couldn’t give a shit. Put your hand in one end and it comes out the other, the endless cycle of ideas that you have yet to discover.