The Internet Hates You

by Give Up the Goods

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released April 20, 2014

"The Internet Hates You" EP was recorded at Westfall Recording Company NY
Produced and Engineered by Ryan Taylor Hayes and Johnny Sohl
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Taylor Hayes



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Give Up the Goods

5 deathgroove hip-hop enthusiasts

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Track Name: Twitch
Guns. (Yeah) bring it on if you think you can hang and if not then let me do my thing. Keep in mind the reason I’m never left alone. We keep trying to breathe smoke in but would rather break the bones. I’ve been twitching so god damn long son, and it takes its toll. I see the road as it winds and turns, I might not make it home. This shit makes me fucking twitch. Oh, this is more of a war than you will ever know. Keep dreaming; bleeding. And they say I only think of myself. Eyes closed I’m pretending to sleep, I can’t bring myself to put in the investment to breathe. And nothing’s working never resting in peace, another way I find to bless the deceased, fuck. Whatever party’s over tell the rest of the crew it’s on you, all too fucking fatigued to fight through. No nothing lasts forever, do you really want it to? Please don’t last forever, because pretty soon I’m going to have to be honest with you.
Track Name: Samurai
You can’t carve the cancer out of you, but you can make it hurt, and you can make it worse. How long would it take to claim you on its own? I guess we’ll never know. Let’s find out just how deep these wounds go, while your head shakes left to right “no”, because if there’s anything that you should know I’m sure you’ll find it in your insides. No scratching, no picking, wouldn’t want that to get infected. Spitting, cursing, fighting, fucking, this is why we can’t have nice things. Can’t carve the cancer out, one step forward two steps back, oh my god what have you done? Spitting, cursing, fighting, fucking, this is why we can’t have nice things. Haven’t you had enough? Well if this is the end then call it what it is and have a spine for once. How are you supposed to stay afloat when you’re poking holes in your own logic? I can’t watch this. On your knees now you’re the one who’s tongue-tied, while you stare with your arms at your sides. Finding peace shouldn’t be about tearing yourself apart, but if that’s what you want go ahead here’s a knife cut me off a piece of your heart. And if you’ve got an underwhelming feeling setting in your stomach, that’s not me that’s you, that’s all you. Keep your fucking hands still when you’re shaking off the blood. Enough is enough, now spill your guts for everyone to see.
Track Name: GTFO
Don’t let your eyes wander they might never come home, and you might just want to wake up before you drown in your wet dreams. It’s either that or learn how to swim before the tide carries your mind out to sea. Wake the fuck up, this is a sickness you can’t sleep off. Saturated again, addicted to all the things you don’t have, frustrated, it ends, but it all comes back around. If you find a dead horse beaten six feet into the earth you’ll know you lost it. Buried with all of your limbs, your head your heart and your lungs. Consider the drowning properties of water dear, because I can’t breathe. They told me home is where your heart is so tell me, how’s my fucking house? Frustrated again, addicted to all the things I don’t have, and from beginning to end all I get is a sense of the same cyclical gestures feigned, cynical measures aimed at a self-medicated tin man. All the advice I have is poor, and it all comes back around. I’ll tell you what I think, one night when we’re deep inside each other I will accept the reality of my theft, you’re the reason I let go of others, but irrationality makes me want to see bones. So you want to see bones? Well start digging, because there’s plenty of dead memories to choose from. Get the fuck out. There’s the door.